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Testing Capabilities

Multi-Accredited Material Testing Laboratory

You can trust our materials testing laboratory, dually accredited by PJLA and NVLAP, to deliver reliable, certified test results on wide-ranging products.

Customers rely on Professional Testing Laboratory LLC for all manner of physical and chemical testing for both performance and compliance with industry-specific regulations. 

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Wear Room

Comprehensive Lab Testing Capabilities For Flooring, Carpet, and More

Professional Testing Laboratory LLC PTL tests wide-ranging materials including wood and synthetic flooring, carpet, textiles, tile, turf, and other consumer materials or products. Our capabilities span:

Physical Testing

Test for material tensile strength, conduct product drop tests, and identify product strengths and shortcomings.

Wear Resistance Testing
We handle testing for wear and tear including abrasion, hexapod, walkers, castor chair, and others.
Consumer Benchmark Testing
We’re ready for whatever your product needs to benchmark, from drop tests, to dimensional verification, UV exposure testing, salt fog spray tests, environmental conditioning, and life durability testing.
Test fire resistance and heat performance with tests such as E84, E648, E662, Pill Tests, SS302, and more.
Sound Testing
Through our testing lab partners, we conduct flooring sound tests according to procedural testing standards such as ASTM E492, E2179, and E90.
Microbial Testing
Get reliable results on microbial tests including ASTM G21 and ASTM E2180.
Cleanability Testing / XRF
Access performance and safety tests for material cleanability, including CRI SOA testing.
Fiber Analysis / Construction Testing
We regularly provide AATCC 20 fiber analysis tests as well testing for pile weight and other product construction traits.
Colorfastness Tests / Lightfastness Tests
Test for color fastness or light fastness with PTL. We offer AATCC 16, 129 Ozone Exposure, 164 NO2 Exposure, and UV exposure testing.
Analytical Testing
Our analytical test capabilities span Phthalates, BPA, Cal1350, FTIR, and more.
Electrostatic Propensity
Conduct lab simulations to determine the static-electricity-generating tendencies of your carpet or other product.
Chemical Testing
We conduct tests for formaldehyde, the presence of ammonia, presence of urine, and many other chemical compounds.

These capabilities are a small sample of the options on our full test list, which includes more than 2,000 tests tied to PJLA, NVLAP, NIST, ASTM, ISO, and other important standards. We’re also capable of crafting bespoke tests to meet unique requirements. From product performance testing to regulatory compliance, our experienced testers will get you the data you need.


Our 24-hour quote turnaround time is a testament to the speed of our response and familiarity with various testing capabilities and requirements.


The lab staff at PTL has decades of combined experience in product testing methodology, material evaluation, and research and development.


Our team regularly designs and conducts product and material tests to suit unique, product-specific purposes with direction from you, the customer.


We’re dually accredited by PJLA and NVLAP with procedures and equipment validated in accordance with NIST professional standards.

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Need Something You Don’t See Here?

Professional Testing Laboratory LLC offers tests for a broad range of product types, materials, and purposes beyond what you see listed above. Contact us to share the details of your project and we’ll help you identify the perfect tests for the job.