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Testing Supplies Test List

Professional Testing Laboratory provides comprehensive testing on a wide range of testing supplies and systems, from carpet and flooring test supplies to textile, automotive interior material tests, and more. Explore our full test list below or contact us today for a quote with a quick turnaround on testing for:

  • Soiled Carpet Panels
  • Unsoiled Carpet Panels
  • Nylon Pellets
  • Soil
  • Hexapod Feet

Don’t see the test you need? We also offer custom testing services to suit the needs of your specialized lab testing supplies, commercial testing kits, and chemical test products. Let us know the details and we’ll get you the data.

Velcro Roller
Test Name Category
3M Soil (Quart) Testing Supplies,
AATCC Soil ($4 per gram) Testing Supplies,
Carpet - Atherton Plus 100 foot roll (133.34 sq yds @ 18 /sq yd) Testing Supplies,
Carpet - Atherton Plus 50 foot roll (66.67 sq yds @ $18/sq yd) Testing Supplies,
Carpet - Oxford ($18 per sq yd) Testing Supplies,
Carpet Panels Soiled 10" x 40,,Yes,,,,,,,,,,Yes,,,,,,,,55 1.66686E+11,,07-05-2024 16:46,,0,07-05-2024 16:46,Carpet Panels Soiled 10" x 40" with Spectrophotometer Readings,,Yes,,,,,,,,,,Yes,,,,,,,,100 1.66686E+11,,07-05-2024 16:46,,0,07-05-2024 16:46,Carpet Panels Soiled 18" x 36 Testing Supplies,
Carpet Panels Soiled 18" x 36" with Spectrophotometer Readings Testing Supplies,
Carpet Panels Unsoiled 10"x 40,,Yes,,,,,,,,,,Yes,,,,,,,,22 1.66686E+11,,07-05-2024 16:46,,0,07-05-2024 16:46,Carpet Panels Unsoiled 18"x 36 Testing Supplies,
Consultation in Field ($2250/person/day+expenses) Testing Supplies,
Consultation In Laboratory ($300/person/hour) Testing Supplies,
EDX and Scanning Electron Microscopy Testing Supplies,
Hexapod Feet 8 sets of replacement hexapod polyurethane studs Testing Supplies,
Methenamime pills.. Testing Supplies,
Nylon Pellets-Soiled (per lb) 22 lbs per gallon bucket Testing Supplies,
Nylon Pellets - Unsoiled (per lb) Testing Supplies,
Photographs Testing Supplies,
Replacement hexapod polyurethane studs (6 per feet) Testing Supplies,
Residential Hexapod ball with new set of conditioned feet Testing Supplies,
Type H Wheels Testing Supplies,
Type W Wheels Testing Supplies,
Velcro Roller Tester Testing Supplies,
Velcro Tester Replacement Hook Tapes Testing Supplies,
Vettermann Replacement Studs Testing Supplies,
Video Testing Supplies,
Visual Inspection Testing Supplies,
Visual Ratings Testing Supplies,
Wear Samples Testing Supplies,
Wear Samples ( x ) per set Testing Supplies,
Wear Samples (5 x 10) per set Testing Supplies,


Choose a testing laboratory that turns around bids on testing for all types of cleaning test supplies in a day or less.


The PTL team has decades of experience utilizing chemical testing supplies and evaluating their efficacy.


We don’t stop at testing supplies. Our lab tests carpet, wood, ceramic, chemicals, textiles, and more.

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